How to get more facebook likes on facebook page

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Get more facebook likes

Get more facebook likes on facebook page

Publish post at the best time

Try to publish a post at the best time. Publish a post at the best time means that utilize the time when people are most likely to click on your post.The best time to post an update on Facebook is around noon to 1:00 pm and if you want to get more Facebook likes, then you should post an update at 3:00 pm.On another side the best days are Thursdays and Fridays for better engagement and Saturdays for more shares.

Use relevant image in a post

This is time to get more Facebook likes along with increasing the user engagement. You can do it by using relevant images in your posts.An update containing a photo can get 53% more likes, 104% more comments and 83% more click-throughs.If you are going to use the images for your post, then don’t just use any image. You should use photos based on the topic of your Facebook page.You can use hand-drawn cartoon and comics attract more likes.

Use Facebook page pluginlike box plugin

Do not waste time please use Facebook’s Page Plugin (formerly Like Box) on your website or blog. Remember that, a like button next to your blog posts is great for getting your content shared, but the Facebook’s page plugin will help you boost your page likes.

Promote your Facebook page

Try to promote your Facebook page on your other social media accounts.

Facebook page on your blogfacebook page on your blog

Set a reference your Facebook page on your blog. Appeal attention to an interesting discussion happening on your Facebook page by mentioning it in your blog post.





Short and sweet post

Keep your posts short and sweet. Some enquiry seems to advise that shorter posts (those between 100-119 characters). Other research suggests keeping your  posts (those between 40-50 characters) for best engagement.sweet and short post

Visit Facebook insights

Try to make the best practice on regularly visit your Facebook Insights to find out which content is working with your audience. Find out the posts that have received the most visit and highest reach, and share these types of content more often.

Tag other pages

When you tag other pages, your posts perform on their wall and may flash the interest of those pages’ owners and fans.

Insert a link of your Facebook page

Leave attentive comments on popular blogs and create a link to your Facebook page when asked for your URL.

Link on About us page

Insert  a ‘Like us on Facebook’ link on the ‘About us’ page of your site.

Create e-mail invitation

Propose your page to your email contacts. Then send a brief email inviting your contacts to connect with your Facebook page.

Use popular hashtags

Try to use popular hashtags when posting about breaking news or other trending topics.

Add link in e-mail signature

Add a link to your Facebook page in your email signature. It never damages to let your connections know about another way they can connect with you.

Posting regularly

First time you should confirm regular post in your Facebook page. Posting irregularly sends the message that you’re not serious about your page. If you want people to invest their time in your Facebook page, you need to create a regular pattern of posting.

Facebook video on your web site

Embed your Facebook video posts onto your website or blog. This is one of the best way to promote your Facebook page to your website visitors.

Upload photo from live events

You can upload photos from live events, and ask your fans to tag themselves.

Member of Facebook group

Connect with  popular Facebook group. If any popular group see you as an confident source of information in their industry, they may share your page with their members.

Attractive page design

Make sure your page’s branding and design are professional. When people come to visit your page, it only takes them a split second to decide whether to like it or not.

Link in bio of your guest post

Insert a link to your Facebook page in the author bio of your guest posts.

Facebook commenting on your web site

Allow Facebook commenting on your web site or blog. If you have a Word Press site, you can do this using a plugin like Facebook Comments.


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