Best tips on facebook for promote your blog post

FacFacebook for promote your blog postebook for promote your blog post

It is really true that Facebook is one of the best choose for promote your blog post. So, you can choose Facebook for promote your blog post or web page. You’d probably be shocked to know that Facebook is not the number one referrer to my site. Instead, that role is held by organic search. More specifically, Google drives me a big bulk of traffic.

However, not only does Facebook undoubtedly influence whether Google refers traffic to me (more traffic, more activity, Google likes me), it’s not even close regarding which social network refers the most eyeballs to my content.


Facebook for Promote to Fans

You can schedule your post to be shared on my Facebook page, then create a couple of ads and schedule them for the next day. While there isn’t necessarily a right or wrong for the timing, you can choose to allow my post to run organically for a few hours prior to promoting it.

The first group of people you can always target is your fans. Even though you tend to reach a decent chunk of your fans organically, you want to reach more of them. Algorithm or not, many of your fans won’t be on Facebook when you originally published a post, so promotion is helpful.

Since you only write one blog post per week, you keep these ads running until the next post is promoted (so about a week). While you budget a modest $10 per ad set per day, you may stop or accelerate based on performance.

You generally shoot for between 10 and 15 cents per website click. If you are spending more than 20 cents, You will stop the ad. If you are spending at or under 10 cents, you will increase your budget.

Promote to Website Visitors

When you schedule a campaign to promote a new blog post or webpage, you always start with two ad sets:

  1. Targeting Fans
  2. Targeting Website Visitors (30 Days)

While you have nearly 70,000 Facebook fans, you get upwards of 200,000+ visitors to your website per month. That means that there are plenty of people who have read your content recently who don’t already like your page!

As a result, targeting this group through the use of Website Custom Audiences is important. You generally target all website visitors during the past 30 days.

As is the case with targeting fans above, you set an initial $10 daily budget and increase the budget or stop the ad depending on performance.

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