Best SEO practices in 2017 to boost website traffic

Best SEO practices for Google Adsense

Google’s AdSense is a revenue-sharing opportunity for all type of websites. Google Adsense relevant to the content of your website.Google Adsense is a  program that can help drive additional income to your website. Remember that Google Adsense really best for those websites that are mainly content driven.  In this way, you get paid a small amount when the ad from Google is either displayed on your page or clicked on. There are many easy ways to make money with Google Adsense. On another side, Google Adsense is related to SEO. Search engine optimization (SEO) is a method and tactics used to increase the traffic to a website by obtaining a high-ranking placement on Google. You should make the best SEO practices to increase web traffic.

Please follow some tips and tricks for the best SEO practices:


Focus keyword as the first word for domain:

best seo pratices

Domain name with your focus keyword has a good possibility to attract targeted people. On others hand, a domain with focus keyword in the middle or end is also nice.

About  us, contact us & privacy policy page in website

Google always prefer that website which has an appropriate information of the owner of the website. Be careful about the subject.

Content is the best

best seo practices

Actually, it is true that content is king. Your content is the best to increase traffic to your blog or web portal.

You have to write an attractive post. Remember that any post should not be written only for Google search engine. Each post should be written for visitor attraction. When you are ready to write a post for quality traffic but not for search engines, you ensure that this is time to increase blog traffic onto your blog.

Duplicate content is harmful on SEO

easy ways to make money with google adsense

Remember that duplicate content is harmful to the best practice of  On page SEO. Suppose you are in the habit of copying text from other web portal or blog. This is known as a best practice for SEO. Remember that Google is so smart. They quickly identify everything about your post and your duplicate content. So, you have no chance to continue the habit like a thief.

Copy Scores

easy ways to make money with google adsense

Copy score means the Flesh Reading Ease test, You have to write a post that is easy to read for everybody. Your post should have a score between 70-80 for flesh reading ease test.   Next time a 15-year-old can scan this post.

Do not mistake grammar and spelling

Text with proper grammar and spelling is a good signal for good SEO. You should be careful about this.

Page Title Is More Than 40 Characters

Google- like page title with more than 40 characters.

Focus on attractive headlines

best seo practices

Not only a good post, you also have to write catchy Headlines. Just for example “How to increase web traffic” is a catchy headline for a post. I know it would be a catchy headline but I will use this headline “How to promote your blog – Boost blog organic traffic“.

On the search engines, which would you want to read the first? Ask Yourself?   I think it would be the second one because it is specific and more eye-catching. So focus on Eye Catching Headlines.

Number of pages

Website with lesser number of pages, this is not a very good website to Google. Please increase the number of your web page.

Not focus on quantity

You should not be written only focus on quantity. Please write less but focus on quality. It does not mean that write an article in two months.   It could be four times a month but write high-quality articles.

Write long post

If you search on the Google about any topic you will find that the length of the top post is maximum and then the second longest post will get the second position.

So, you confirm that writing the longer post can rank you higher in the search engines.

Have to write depth Articles

Mostly Longer posts are in-depth. But mostly depth posts are not longer. it does not mean that you have to always write long posts. So, try to write in-depth.

Update your content

best seo practices

Do not stop update your content. Regularly try to republish your content. If you stop update your bad content and links, Google can make you rank lower.

Creating list blog posts are good for SEO

You should have to write list blog post. When you will do it will get more traffic than any other blog post.

Keywords in Heading Tags

Keyword in heading tags will help Google to identify better about what you have written in your post. After content, this step also sends a strong On-page SEO Signal.

Keyword  In The URL

Your selected focus keyword should appear in the URL as it easy for Google to crawl your data.

Keyword/Key Phrase Appears in Sub Headings

The focus keyword should be inserted in the subheadings of your post to increase KWD( Key Word Density )You can do it for each post. Keyword appears in subheadings also help Google to identify your topic easily.

Keyword appears in the first paragraph of the article

The focus keyword should be included in the first paragraph of your post. This is very important for on page SEO.

Keyword Density

best seo practices

Keyword density display in a short time that,  how many time the focus keyword is used in your post, When I write, I use it up to 2-3 %.

Too much use of focus keyword can also lead to bad SEO. So you should be careful about this.

Keyword/ Key phrase should appear in Meta Description

best seo practices

You should include your focusing keyword in the meta description for each post of your web portal or blog. This is an excellent way for good SEO practice. When you have done this according to Google, you have to describe an acceptable meta description:

Meta Description is strong

Meta description of your post will be very smart, this is bad news for your competitors. You will try your best to create a strong meta description in your article. Yes, this is called real SEO.

Do not use focus keyword again and again

You have a chance to use a focus keyword in a post of your web portal or blog. But next time you have no chance to do it again. We are trying to clear that when you are writing a post about the same subject again, you do not use that focus keyword again that you have already used in a post.

Alt Tags in images with focus keyword

The Alt tags that you are using in the images should contain the focus keyword of your post.


Please try to make a post with images, videos, and other multimedia elements. Wow, so attractive.

Avoid reciprocal links

Google has already confirmed that reciprocal links things should be avoided by all the bloggers.

Backlink Age

According to  Google the backlink from a very old site is more valuable for good practice of SEO.

Links from hub pages

links from the top hub page are one of the best factors to increase traffic onto your website.

Human comments

The comments by the humans will increase website popularity and PR and ultimately leads to increase website traffic.

Create outbound Link

Your article should be the source of best links. Your website should be the source of quality content.  Please include outbound links in your post. It will increase your quality traffic.

Use same outbound link

Point to be noted, the subject of your outbound links should be same as your subject.

Page Loading Speed

Remember that website browsing should be interesting. In that case, web page loading speed is the first priority. Page loading speed is the high factor by both search engine Google and Bing. Specially Google prefer those websites which have a very high page loading speed. You can check your web page loading speed with

Priority of Page in Sitemap

Should be noted that the priority of a good post is given via the sitemap.XML file may influence page ranking. You have a chance to create the sitemap easily with Yoast SEO plugin.

Page Age

An older page that’s regularly updated is a good signal for free traffic of your website.

Penguin Penalty

The website which gets penalty will be less visible in the Google search. So, be careful about the penalty.

Do not use low – quality backlink

When your intention is to increase backlink of your web page, then trying to create many backlinks is not good for SEO. Please try to not create low- quality backlink. Remember that a quality backlink is better than many low -quality backlink.

Try to stop Google Sandbox

Really a new website suddenly gets too much of links may cause put into Google sandbox. Google Sandbox can decrease the links visibility of a website.

Insert your website in DMOZ

DMOZ is the very high-quality directory. So, the website under DMOZ  is seriously rank better than other websites. You can try this.

Create links in social media site

Please honor social media site like Facebook/Twitter/Reddit to build your website links. This is called the best SEO practices.

Some other helpful things

Google likes those type of websites better which have additional things on their home page. Try to include currency calculator, time zone, and IP address, etc.

Stop broken links

Please do not create broken links for traffic. This is very harmful to rank.

Mobile is first priority for your website

Your website should be fully mobile-responsive. Build your website for mobile first, desktop second.

Test your website performance

Please try to test the performance of your website with You can do it for one time in a month.

Use of internal links

Confirm the presence of internal links in each post. Internal link helps to goes one page to another page on your own site.

Select the right category

Do not forget to set the right page in the right category. This is good for SEO.

Duplicate meta description

Do not use duplicate meta description for a post, that might cause of low rank.This is called the best SEO practices.

Bounce rate:

Bounce rate increase suddenly, it means that something is wrong on your website.

Direct traffic is good

The websites which have more direct traffic they are ranked much better. Traffic from any source is good, but not good as direct traffic. To increase your website traffic you have to make easy or short named domain. So, people can visit your site by directly typing your URL.

Ensure back traffic

Users come back onto your website, it means that this is a quality website.

Overall social share for ranking

Social signal is very important for your website. Google checks the total Social share of a site and makes the Search Rankings. It may increase domain authority of your website.

Popups or Distracting Ads

Do not allow popup Ads or distracting Ads for your website. According to Google these types of the website have low quality.

Avoid too much re-directs

Do not do too much of redirects to your website.

You have to ensure the use of some tools

( Ahrefs, Domain hunter plus, Google analytics, Pingdom tool, Google webmaster tool, Google XML sitemaps, Majestic SEO, Similar page checker, WP super cache, Copyspace, Google keyword planner, Semrush, Grammarly etc)













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